Dan's blog: the birth of a Podcast - let's get back to football!

You may have seen recently that We Are Wearside have started The Wearside Podcast. 

by Daniel_Kendal Friday, 07 February 2020 02:03 PM Comments


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WAW always strive to tell THE story and provide an opinion on it. We felt that in recent times things have gotten a little out of hand, sometimes leading to misinformation and cloudiness of the entire truth or full facts. This then leads to partisan behaviour when we all want the same thing. Sunderland A.F.C back where it belongs.

The podcast was the brain child of Gary and sort of took off all of a sudden. My role was initially to book the studio but then one thing lead to another and then I was hosting it. It's something I've taken into my stride and I am looking to always improve and develop the podcast and I'm loving it. I just hope you guys are.

The concept of the podcast is to provide an alternative view on the Black Cats and get back to talking about what we all love, football. We also want to talk about the people of Sunderland and Sunderland fans and really build a Wearside Community which stretches across the world. We all love Sunderland so let us hope that we can get back to why we have dedicated our Saturdays and Tuesday nights to watching the Lads.

We have a big game at the weekend against Ipswich Town which I think will be a cracking game between 2 teams with similar ambitions and 2 managers who have forgotten more about League One then I will ever learn. I'm expecting a tight first half and it will be a case of who blinks first. I hope it is the Tractor boys and Paul Lambert, leading to a Sunderland win. We have a few injury problems, but we have strengthened it the window and hopefully this bare fruit on Saturday.

I'd also like to give a We Are Wearside welcome to all the international fans travelling this weekend!

Let's hope for a great performance. You can find our latest podcast below.


The Wearside Podcast! Episode 4 on Apple Podcasts