Five Minute Challenge - Sunderland Players & Country of Birth

It's midweek and there is no Sunderland game in sight. Friday is far, far away. Bleak times.

by Sunderland_Stats Wednesday, 23 September 2020 04:03 PM Comments

Alim Ozturk Sunderland blog

Do not fear! Do not wish away your precious days. Here at WAW we have something special that will fill an entire five minutes of your time, maybe even six. Thank you? You are very welcome.

It has been a while since we have bestowed fresh quiz delights for you, but here you are; the third installment in our quiz triology - Country of Birth. We reserve the right to extend this to a tetralogy (no I did not just Google that) and beyond.

20 players; five minutes. How many will you get right using only the might of your mind?