Charlie Wyke joins the list - it is time for Quiz of the Week

Sometimes when bad things happen the best thing to do is to pretend it didn't happen.

by Sunderland_Stats Thursday, 21 January 2021 05:36 PM Comments

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And that is exactly what we intend to do this evening - it's Quiz of the Week time!

On Saturday, Charlie Wyke smashed home an impressive hattrick to give Sunderland a win over Wimbledon. It was great, not just because it delivered three points for the Lads; but because it gave us the perfect subject to base this week's quiz.

Since 1990, 17 hattricks have been scored by Sunderland players. I think we may have given you a clue as to who has scored the most recent, but we want you to name the rest. We are giving you five minutes to do it (Googling strictly prohibited, you'd only be cheating yourself). Select PLAY to start the quiz, tell us in the comments below or on our social media @WeAreWearside and Facebook. Get 100% and we'll give you a shoutout!