Sunderland favs again but here is where the money is on the Lads

If you’d bet on Sunderland in every game this season, would you be in profit?

by James Forster Tuesday, 23 February 2021 05:48 PM Comments

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Betting on Sunderland this season would have been moderately good for your bank balance, if not your heart rate. But with one caveat.

Blind loyalty (i.e. being a fan) isn’t usually recommended as a betting strategy.

But, if you’re a Sunderland fan who has been backing the team in every game this season you would be in profit so far.

Putting a tenner on the Sunderland win in each of the 28 games played before tonight’s game against Fleetwood, would have you in profit to the princely sum of £17.50.


Betting on Sunderland at home

However, if you’re about to pop a tenner on the home win versus Fleetwood tonight, consider this.

Betting on Sunderland to win at home tends to have very little value. In fact, sticking £10 on a Black Cats victory for each game at the Stadium of Light so far this season would have you down by £27.20.

That’s mainly because Sunderland tend to be offered at paltry odds for games at home. And we haven't been brilliant at the SOL all in all.

The biggest return on a Sunderland home game was the healthy win over Doncaster the other week. You’d still be wallowing in the glow of a £9.50 profit off a £10 bet in that one.


Betting on Sunderland on the road

But, had you backed SAFC in every game away from home, with that tenner in each you’d be £44.70 in profit.

That’s mainly because Sunderland are pretty decent on the road with a points-per-game return of 1.93 compared with 1.43 at home.

Your most profitable return on £10 bets in Sunderland away games would have been a handsome £18.50 from the 2-0 victory over Swindon in October which was offered at 5/6.


Backing Sunderland to draw

The most profitable League One betting strategy for backing Sunderland this season would actually be plopping £10 on them to draw every game.

For games at the SOL you’d be £54.60 in profit. Away from home you’d be in profit by £95.

That’s a canny whack just shy of £150 of joyful cash from total stakes of £280. A 54% return on investment.


What to back tonight

Fleetwood aren’t up to much away from home with the third worst record on the road in League One. They don’t score much on their travels either, averaging less than a goal a game without a successful strike in their last three away fixtures.

Fleetwood don’t mind a speculative shot on goal when playing away though, averaging 10 per game. Of that number, only an average of 3 were on target.

Meanwhile, Sunderland have managed an average 13 shots with a moderate four per game on target at the Stadium of Light.

That tends to suggest there won’t be masses of goals tonight. A 2-1 Sunderland win is a decent enough 15/2, the same as a 0-0.

Alternatively, stick Sunderland in this treble, bung a fiver on and potentially bag yourself nigh on £50.