1 Good & 2 Bad - Streaky Johnson and the McGeady Conundrum

On Saturday, Sunderlands automatic promotion hopes slipped away as they were beaten by a subpar Blackpool side. Previous summer transfer target Luke Garbutt scored the only goal. Here are the 1 Good and 2 Bad.

by Michael Monday, 19 April 2021 02:58 PM Comments


Average Blackpool

Even though the Lads lost on Saturday, it must be said that Blackpool looked a very average side on the day, and it could even be argued that they were gifted a victory. The Black Cats controlled the ball against a usually possession hungry Blackpool side.

Throughout the game, the Seasiders offered little going forward which adds to the frustration of how Sunderland did not pick up at least a point.

This was ultimately a display of how fine the margins can be in League 1; the Lads hit the post only for Blackpool to score a minute later through a daisy cutter which ricocheted off bodies on the way into the net.

Recently, there has been talk about how Blackpool are the team to fear going into the playoffs. However, on this evidence the Lads must not panic at this proposition if the sides do against each other in the playoffs.


The McGeady Conundrum

Aiden McGeady has been the driving force behind Sunderland’s promotion push in League 1. Although, this game nothing really went for poor Aiden.

Having scored 4 goals and set up another 13, raising this question seems insane: Is a reliance on McGeady bad for the team? I would say the answer is maybe.  

Going to Phil Parkinson lengths and ostracising him is not the right idea but there seems to be a pattern emerging across both Ross’ and Johnson’s tenure; when McGeady has an off day, Sunderland have an off day.

When Aiden is not creating a goal there does not seem to be anything else going on. In this situation you would ask others in the team to step up to the plate.

However, it is clear to see this system is built around McGeady being a talisman, he can take risks that others are not allowed to. So, it would be difficult for another player to take that limelight.


Streaky Johnson

This is the first time since Sunderland got relegated that they have lost three straight matches. This feat has been achieved by the man titled as “Streaky Johnson” by Bristol City fans.

Throughout his managerial career, Johnson has often had these spells were he would win six or seven games and out of nowhere lose the next seven. However, lets be fair to Johnson this is the first time this has happened and like his indifferent start as manager he can turn this around.