"Nowhere near ready to play" "A thoroughbred amongst donkeys" - Reaction to Wigan Player Ratings & Comments

This is a difficult one to write about. It’s been a couple of days since the game kicked off in Wigan and I’m still not over the disappointment I felt when the referee blew the final whistle; All of that effort, the monumental job that these players put in to give themselves the opportunity of automatic promotion from this league and they falter when it comes to the crunch.

by Connor Quigley Thursday, 15 April 2021 12:41 PM Comments


The worst thing about it is that they made the supporters believe in them again and losses like those against Charlton can be forgiven if they happen from time to time because they put the effort in despite losing; This game, it was probably one of the darkest days in recent memory because they just looked like they didn’t care.

Sunderland ended up losing 2-1 to a relegation threatened Wigan, in a game in which they took the lead and then their arse’s fell out for no reason.

We asked you to vote on the ratings of the Sunderland team, so let’s have a look at what you, the supporters, thought.


Lee Burge – 5.2

Comment of the day: “Not as convincing as the past few games” - Onlooker

Lee had a difficult afternoon in the previous game against Charlton but the fault for the goals conceded against Wigan was largely with the defence as he had no chance with either.


Bailey Wright – 4.7

COTD: “Nowhere near ready to play” - BobbyG

He was supposed to start on the bench but a last-minute withdrawal from the squad meant that Bailey ended up starting his first game for the Black Cats in what had been a few months and boy, you could tell the experienced Australian wasn’t up to the pace. Almost erratic at times in possession and unable to keep up with the pace of a surprisingly mobile Wigan front-line, it was a game too soon for Wright but after a lengthy injury, you can forgive that.


Dion Sanderson – 5.1

COTD: “Subdued performance from him” – Beehive73

Probably the best out of a bad bunch and that’s what we’ve come to expect from Dion this season but this may be where is inexperience shows when it comes to finding his own form and helping those around him rediscover theirs.


Luke O’Nien – 5

COTD: “His versatility is working against him” - Anonymous

We do seem to find it somewhat comedic that Luke O’Nien seems to be able to play a multitude of positions and that’s all well and good when you are winning games but Luke’s flexibility showed him up last night as he was moved to right back and didn’t really have that good of a game; He did have a good shout for a penalty that was never given.


Denver Hume – 4.7

COTD: “Off the pace” – Wil63

We’ve all been crying out for the return of Denver Hume and I almost feel as if some of the supporters forgot that he wasn’t ever Roberto Carlos. It’ll take some time for Denver to find full fitness but he was one of many players that just weren’t at it tonight.


Max Power - 4

COTD: “No control in the midfield” – (Distraught) Dave from Durham

Max went through a period of games where he wore the Captain’s armband and showed us what it means to be Mr. Sunderland, that Max seems to have gone again now and replaced by the same fella that doesn’t really do much or offer much other than a few misplaced passes and angry shouting towards the referee.


Josh Scowen – 4.3

COTD: “Involved but little end product” – Captain Spaulding

One player that can come out of this game with a margin of respect is Josh Scowen because at least he tried but at this stage that’s about the expectation we have of him whether win, draw or lose; He’ll try hard but he won’t do much else.


Jordan Jones - 5

COTD: “Expected more” - Gav

Reintroduced to the team after missing out of the starting line-up against Charlton, there were high hopes that Jordan Jones could replicate the impact that he’s had on previous games but it wasn’t to be for the Northern Irishman. An argument against Lee Johnson’s tendency to change the team around on a weekly basis may be affecting the momentum of Jones and his ability to find form consistently.


Aiden McGeady – 5.7 (Man of the Match)

COTD: “A thoroughbred amongst donkey’s” – Hill of Beath 

You can’t help but feel sorry for Aiden McGeady sometimes, you sometimes feel sorry for him when we win and it’s purely down to the fact that he’s the one providing the quality for it but in the same way you watch Messi sombrely walk around the pitch after a despondent Barcelona performance, you can’t help but feel sympathy for a guy that is clearly a level above his team-mates.


Jack Diamond – 5.4

COTD: “Surprised when subbed” – Typical SAFC

We hadn’t seen Jack Diamond in a while, not even from the bench so his inclusion to the starting line-up was a surprise to some but showed the intent of the Head Coach to attack the game and Jack started the game well and was arguably the best Sunderland player in the first half as he picked the ball up and ran at defenders willingly.


Charlie Wyke – 5.4

COTD: “Go the extra mile Charlie and you’ll be folklore” - Polly

Great finish from Charlie and great positioning in the box to score the goal; The cross from McGeady was magnificent but Charlie’s movement was fantastic too. That’s about all he did do though.


Grant Leadbitter [sub] – 4.6

COTD: “Came on to steady a ship that had already sank” - Gav 

Grant wasn’t ever going to change the game that much, if anything we needed a midfielder to come on that could advance with the ball and play it forward but we decided to send only midfielder we have of that calibre on loan to Blackpool.


Calum McFadzean [sub] – 4.2

COTD: “Waste of time again” - Anonymous 

Calum wasn’t ever going to change the game that much, if anything we needed an attacker to come on that could advance with the ball and play it forward but we decided to play him in an u23 game yesterday instead.


Lynden Gooch [sub] – 4.7

COTD: “Looked bright but the game had gone by then” – Kenny Gee 

Lynden looked like one of the subs brought on that looked like he might make an impact but unfortunately none of his multiple step-overs crossed the eyes of the Wigan defenders enough for them to make a mistake.


Ross Stewart [sub] - 4.3

COTD: “Not up to it” - Anonymous 

An enigma at this point, is he good, or isn’t he? You can’t exactly drop Wyke so that we can see what Ross Stewart is all about but these appearances from the bench aren’t doing much for him.


Lee Johnson (Head Coach) – 3.6

COTD: “Time to start earning your wedge” - Anonymous

I’m surprised to see the amount of negativity being thrown towards Lee Johnson after two losses but I can understand the frustration of the supporters when the Head Coach makes as many changes mid-game as he does to the starting line-up week in, week out. That being said, there’s no excuse for the performance those players put in on the pitch yesterday; Wigan wanted it more, they looked like a team fighting for promotion and we looked like our season was over with. It’s a big few days ahead for Johnson before Blackpool.