"Tries but generally hapless" "Worst passer in the club's history?" - Reaction to Blackpool Player Ratings & Comments

It’s usually a fixture that’s highlighted on the calendars of Sunderland supporters from day one whenever we find ourselves in the same league as Blackpool but unfortunately due to the current restrictions we had to suffer the disappointment of defeat in this game without the beach, beer, tower and amusements to numb the agony of being witness to Sunderland’s third league defeat in a row.

by Connor Quigley Monday, 19 April 2021 08:28 AM Comments

Blackpool defeat Sunderland blog

“Oh, we do love to be beside the seaside, oh we do like to be beside the sea…”

It was the first time that we had lost 3 in a row since our fateful season in the Championship and is now the first time we’ve lost 3 in a row in League One; With Hull are up next, we could just make it four. Weren’t we getting promoted just 8 days ago? This club man.

We asked you to vote on the ratings of the Sunderland team, so let’s have a look at what you, the supporters, thought.


Lee Burge – 3.9

Comment of the day: “Losing his fragile confidence” - Anonymous

I’ve been the staunchest of Burge supporters throughout the unbeaten run and it feels unfair to call him out after a few games with some important mistakes, so I won’t. However, we knew our goalkeeping department needed strengthening in the summer after the departure of McLaughlin and we decided to promote Burge to the number one spot, despite his performances suggesting he wasn’t ready; We knew what we were getting in to and we have paid the price.


Bailey Wright – 5.3

COTD: “Average” - Grumpy

His performance was a little brighter than his comeback game against Wigan and we’ll need him to find his feet as quickly as possible with the news that Dion Sanderson could potentially be out for the remainder of the season.


Luke O’Nien – 6.1

COTD: “Battled valiantly” – Fullwell Ender

Easily the best defender on the pitch today as he battled and put himself on the line when necessary. He was unfortunate not to score in the second half as Sunderland pushed for an equaliser.


Max Power – 4.8

COTD: “Steady but poor crossing” – Captain Spaulding

Frustrating performance from the Sunderland captain as most of his attempts at creating chances for the Black Cats from full back were crosses that failed to hit their target or pass the first defender blocking it.


Calum McFadzean – 3.7

COTD: “Tries but generally hapless” - Pablo

Luckily stayed on the pitch long enough to be substituted as he should have been sent off the mistimed tackle on Blackpool’s Demetri Mitchell. It was a poor performance from McFadzean and his recklessness was fortunately (or unfortunately) forgiven by the officials.


Grant Leadbitter – 5.7

COTD: “Started well but went downhill” - Onlooker

It was his error that lead to the Blackpool goal but despite that he was the best out of a bad bunch when it came to the Sunderland midfield. Offered plenty of control in a game that we largely dominated but he lost that composure towards the end of the game as his legs tired.


Josh Scowen – 4.1

COTD: “Worst passer in clubs’ history?!” – KevS

I do wonder how many footballs have had to be collected from the outside of stadium’s after Scowen has attempted his couple of shots at goal per game. Honestly, it’s the basics of football isn’t it? To get your body over the ball rather than under it? I’m an overweight, mid-thirties guy that hasn’t played a game of football since I was 16 and I know that.


Jordan Jones – 4.9

COTD: “Disappointing” - Anonymous

Looked bright and busy throughout the opening stages but fell away after failing to control a delightful pass from Aiden McGeady, an opportunity that could and should have opened the scoring for the Black Cats.


Aiden McGeady – 5.8

COTD: “Hampered by midfield duties” – Eternal Hope 

I’m not convinced that McGeady needs to be coming in centrally and then deep to collect the ball to advance us in to an attacking position, the man is 35 years old and is majestic at what he does out on the wing so just play him to his strengths; Unlucky not to score too.


Aiden O’Brien – 4.3

COTD: “What does he offer?”- Anonymous

Meh. It’s all well and good taking the heat away from Charlie when he’s scoring goals but when you find yourself running around and stretching a defence that has figured out they don’t really need to pay attention to you? Well, that doesn’t work.


Charlie Wyke – 5.1

COTD: “Limited without service” - Anonymous

His only opportunity on goal was from his own making and although it was a decent attempt on target, it was straight down the throat of the goalkeeper.


Denver Hume [sub] – 5.1

COTD: “Did okay” – KennyGee

Good runout but failed to make any sort of impact on the game as Sunderland ran out of ideas up until the final whistle.


Lee Johnson (Head Coach) – 4.3

COTD: “Losing the plot?” - Anonymous

Well, who saw this coming? Probably not Lee Johnson as he became the first coach to be in charge of three straight losses in League One. It’s difficult to pinpoint the blame entirely at his door for this one and this is where my opinion may differ from others; It was a competitive game and a game where we were in control for the most part and it was the lack of creativity and a poor mistake that cost us in the end. The Chris Maguire scenario is a difficult one, to alienate a creative outlet such as Maguire just reeks of Parkinson’s treatment of McGeady and hopefully Johnson gives Chris the opportunity to prove his ability to change a game as he has on so many occasions during his time as a Sunderland player. I like Maguire and it’ll be a shame to see him go out without a bang.