Work with us


We've been around for nearly seven and a half years now. It feels like so much longer! In the summer of 2013, I remember dishing out some amusing leaflets depicting the Paolo Di Canio spending spree as a new, exciting era for Sunderland. Let's just say that's not the only thing we've got wrong over the years!


During that time, I think it's fair to say We Are Wearside has never defined itself. We've thrown out all sorts, regurgitated many news articles, our own rumours, click-baited 'till our hearts content but we've never quite settled. Our innovative Player Ratings & Comments feature, the only of its kind on the web (*correct as of writing, nobody has successfully copied from us yet!), has shown to me we've got a canny bunch of regulars and for those who stick around a lot, and those who've paid more fleeting visits - thanks. It really is humbling to know people spend some of their important time on the site.


I'm making this sound like a eulogy; let me assure you it's quite the opposite!



WAW is evolving


Covid gave us the opportunity to take a hefty break from everything and reassess. There is some amazing Sunderland fan-originated content on the web, it is - if it isn't already - becoming the mainstream media of the club, competing strongly with your typical media outlets. We've got more to add to that pool of content.



What's on offer


To realise our rightful place among the elite of Sunderland fan media, we need some help. This is a unique opportunity in Sunderland fan media, as we're not offering your standard blog-and-go relationship. We're offering a platform to influence and rejuvenate a peripheral but long-established media site that wants to leap into the 2020s. Nothing is off the table here; blogging, reporting, pods, vlogging - however we can showcase our love for Sunderland - it's in our plan. We just need the people to help us do it right.


Whether you're studying for a media-related qualification, looking to build a portfolio to help you in the media employment circle, or just really bloody love our club and fancy getting your hands dirty - we want to hear from you.


This is not an employment opportunity, and can't guarantee any sort of payment for your services - though we can commit to is reinvestment of advertisement revenue. That same reinvestment that helped us build our bespoke site, unique in the fan media world, and something we're keen on continuing investing into the New Year.


Interested? Drop Gary and email [email protected]