Paris triumphs again : A stellar year culminates with French Cup victory!


The past year has been a testament to the strategic brilliance and cohesive play of Paris Saint-Germain under the leadership of Luis Enrique.

Wrapping up the season with a French Cup win against Olympique Lyonnais in Lille, PSG not only celebrated their fifteenth victory in this tournament but also marked the conclusion of an impressive season before a summer of expected changes.

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A triumphant strategy

Luis Enrique set the tone during a press conference on the eve of the French Cup final, emphasizing the cultural and emotional significance of the cup competitions compared to league play. For PSG, capturing the French Cup was a critical goal for the season, and achieving it alongside the Ligue 1 title and the Champions Trophy would perfectly cap off a successful year. This was exactly what PSG managed to do, delivering on their promise and expectations.

National domination restored

In what could be described as a season of revival, PSG reclaimed their dominance on the national stage. Completing the treble of the French Cup, Ligue 1, and the Champions Trophy marked a return to form not seen since four years ago. The team, led by Marquinhos, showed formidable strength throughout the season, decisively claiming the league title with room to spare and navigating a challenging path through the cup’s later stages against teams like Brest, Nice, Rennes, and finally Lyon.

Solid performances despite challenges

Despite encountering early season challenges and navigating through a year of ups and downs with star player Kylian Mbappé, Luis Enrique successfully integrated key players like Bradley Barcola and Ousmane Dembélé into the squad. These strategic incorporations have proved crucial, enhancing PSG’s effectiveness and resilience, evidenced by their commanding performance in the French Cup final against Lyon—a team they had dominated earlier in the season.

Managing expectations and challenges

While the domestic triumphs were sweet, the real challenge for PSG under Luis Enrique has been their performance in the Champions League. Despite reaching the semi-finals—an achievement in itself given its rarity—the journey was fraught with close calls and a disappointing exit just short of the final, missing a significant opportunity to add a second Champions League final appearance to their history.

The future without Mbappé

Looking forward, PSG faces the daunting task of continuing their success in the Champions League without Mbappé, whose last match was the French Cup final. This marks a pivotal moment for the club, as they prepare to navigate their future without one of their key figures, a challenge that Luis Enrique seems prepared to tackle with his ongoing team restructuring.

Preparing for new Challenges

As PSG looks towards the next season, the focus will undoubtedly be on making further strides in the Champions League. Achieving this will require not just tactical brilliance but also a deeper squad resilience, especially in the absence of Mbappé. The task ahead for Luis Enrique is clear: build on the domestic successes of this season and translate that form into European victories.

This article explores the remarkable year for Paris Saint-Germain under the guidance of Luis Enrique, highlighting their domestic success and setting the stage for the challenges that lie ahead. With a season of impressive achievements wrapped up, PSG now looks to the future, aiming to match their domestic success on the European stage.

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