Roland-Garros misses opportunity to highlight women’s tennis with Swiatek-Osaka match


The decision not to schedule the thrilling second-round match between Iga Swiatek and Naomi Osaka in the evening session at Roland-Garros has sparked significant debate.

With organizers and broadcasters hesitant to feature women’s matches in prime time, many feel they missed a golden opportunity to promote women’s tennis.

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A missed showcase for Roland-Garros

On May 29, fans witnessed an intense battle between Swiatek and Osaka, which could easily have been a Grand Slam final. The match lasted nearly three hours and featured numerous dramatic twists and turns. Despite its high stakes and excitement, it was scheduled during the day, leaving many to question the decision-making of the tournament organizers.

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Promises of Equal Exposure

A month before the tournament, Roland-Garros officials promised that evening matches would be chosen based on sporting interest, regardless of gender. Tournament director Amélie Mauresmo stated, “The evening match will be decided by the sport. If we have a great women’s match, we’ll schedule it; if it’s a great men’s match, it will be that.” However, this promise fell short when Swiatek and Osaka, both multiple Grand Slam winners, were not given the prime-time slot.

The reality of programming choices

Despite their outstanding performances, many top players, including Swiatek and Osaka, were left out of the evening schedule. Instead, a less compelling men’s match was featured, which ended predictably and quickly, highlighting a missed opportunity for the women’s game to shine. The decision led to widespread disappointment among fans and commentators who believe that such programming decisions undermine the visibility and importance of women’s tennis.

Players’ reactions

Ons Jabeur, another top player, diplomatically addressed the issue, expressing hope for better promotion of women’s tennis while acknowledging Mauresmo’s efforts. “I know Amélie is doing her best to shine a light on women’s tennis. I would love to see more night sessions for us,” Jabeur said.

Naomi Osaka responded with subtle irony, pointing out that she thought prime-time slots were reserved for favorites like Rafael Nadal. “I thought night sessions were for the top players, but I guess not,” she remarked. On the other hand, Swiatek was unfazed by the scheduling, preferring daytime matches. “I’m happy with the schedule. I prefer playing during the day,” she commented.

The need for change

The incident underscores the need for a shift in how women’s matches are viewed and scheduled. Highlighting marquee matchups in prime-time slots can significantly boost the sport’s visibility and popularity. Ensuring that thrilling matches like Swiatek vs. Osaka receive the attention they deserve can help promote gender equality in sports.

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This article explores the controversy surrounding the scheduling of the Swiatek-Osaka match at Roland-Garros, examining the missed opportunity to promote women’s tennis and the reactions from players. It highlights the need for equitable exposure and better programming decisions to enhance the sport’s visibility.

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