Do you know Corentin Moutet? The volcanic French tennis player and rapper who’s cracking up Roland-Garros


On the brink of trailing by two sets, Corentin Moutet showcased his incredible skills and resilience to advance to the fourth round of the French Open.

His match against Sebastian Ofner was a rollercoaster, but the 25-year-old Frenchman pulled through, becoming the first French player to reach the second week of the men’s singles since 2020.

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Corentin Moutet: A unique playing style

Corentin Moutet is far from an ordinary player. Known for his unconventional tactics, such as the underhand serve, Moutet’s playing style keeps opponents on their toes. His tactical prowess and varied shots make him a standout on the court. In 2015, Arnaud Di Pasquale praised his impressive array of skills, highlighting his strong tactical sense and versatile shot selection.

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Temperamental and unpredictable

Moutet’s fiery temperament has led to clashes on and off the court. His behavior, which sometimes strays from the expected decorum, resulted in his expulsion from the French Tennis Federation’s support in 2022. Known for his outbursts and confrontations, Moutet’s intensity is both a strength and a weakness. His passion for perfection often leads to frustration, making him a wildcard in any match.

A man of many talents

Beyond tennis, Moutet has a wide range of interests. He’s a self-taught musician, an aspiring rapper, and a lover of literature. His diverse talents and interests set him apart from many of his peers. During the Covid-19 lockdown, he released a rap EP titled “Écorché.” He is also an avid reader, drawing inspiration from poets like Baudelaire, whose words he often quotes.

A longstanding hope for French tennis

From a young age, Moutet showed immense promise. He won national titles in various age categories and was the youngest French player to reach an ATP final since Richard Gasquet. His journey has been marked by surprising performances, including a notable run to the US Open’s fourth round as a lucky loser in 2022. Despite his ups and downs, Moutet remains a hopeful prospect for French tennis.

Eyeing the olympic dream

With his recent success at Roland-Garros, Moutet is closer to achieving his dream of competing in the Paris 2024 Olympics. His current performance could secure him a spot among the French representatives, especially if Adrian Mannarino withdraws. For Moutet, playing in the Olympics is more than just a goal—it’s a lifelong dream.

Corentin Moutet’s dramatic victory at Roland-Garros: rain, emotions, and a comeback

This article explores Corentin Moutet’s journey through Roland-Garros 2024, highlighting his unique playing style, fiery temperament, diverse talents, and long-standing promise in French tennis. As he aims for the Paris 2024 Olympics, Moutet continues to captivate fans with his unpredictable and passionate approach to the game.

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