Tour de France 2024: Pogacar vs. Vingegaard – The ultimate showdown


As the Grand Départ of the Tour de France approaches, Tadej Pogacar emerges as the prime contender, fresh from a dominant victory at the Giro d’Italia.

Despite his recent triumphs, his manager Joxean Matxin remains cautious, emphasizing that the defending champion Jonas Vingegaard is still the man to beat.

The Pogacar’s tactical genius

Pogacar’s impeccable performance at the Giro was nothing short of spectacular, winning not just the general classification but also six stages. Matxin, however, highlighted the toll it took on Pogacar, pointing out the extreme physical exertion involved. “Tadej was extremely tired after the Giro, burning 8,000 calories on some days,” Matxin revealed, indicating the strategic brilliance that allowed Pogacar to conserve energy without compromising his lead.

Vingegaard’s formidable comeback

Jonas Vingegaard, despite a severe fall in the Tour of the Basque Country, remains a formidable rival. Matxin drew parallels to Pogacar’s 2023 season, where a similar setback didn’t prevent him from fiercely competing until the Tour’s time trial stage. Vingegaard’s extensive altitude training and potential recovery from a pneumothorax put him in strong contention, with Matxin acknowledging, “Vingegaard remains the favorite for the Tour.”

The depth of competition

Apart from Vingegaard, Matxin identified several other serious contenders for the Tour. He named Primoz Roglic, Aleksandr Vlasov, and Remco Evenepoel as significant threats, ensuring that Pogacar’s path to victory will be anything but easy.

The strategic outlook

Despite Pogacar’s prowess, Matxin dismissed the idea of a triple Grand Tour victory for this year, shelving any immediate plans for the Vuelta. “Achieving the three Grand Tours in one year is great for history books, but it’s not in the cards for 2024,” Matxin clarified, setting realistic goals while focusing on the current challenges.

A future with UAE-Emirates

With the possibility of a contract extension looming, Pogacar’s future with UAE-Emirates looks promising. Matxin expressed strong support for a long-term commitment, hinting at ongoing negotiations. “If it’s up to me, Tadej would get a lifetime contract,” he stated, reflecting on the young Slovenian’s exceptional contributions to the team.

This article explores the upcoming clash between Tadej Pogacar and Jonas Vingegaard at the Tour de France 2024, detailing their preparations, challenges, and the strategic insights from Pogacar’s manager Joxean Matxin. As these cycling titans gear up for the Grande Boucle, the stage is set for an epic showdown.

Guillaume Aigron
Guillaume Aigron
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