Game, Set, Match: Will AI outscore line judges at Roland-Garros by 2025?


The quaint clay courts of Roland-Garros may soon witness a significant shift from human to high-tech.

As the French Open draws to a close this weekend, the buzz isn’t just about the winners but also about a futuristic change possibly sidelining human line judges.

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The dawn of a new era

Tradition meets technology in the hallowed grounds of Roland-Garros. The iconic French Open, known for its rich history and deep-rooted customs, is at a technological crossroads. The Electronic Line Calling Live (ELCL), an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system, might replace the 330 line judges, volunteers from the French Tennis Federation, by 2025. These individuals, easily recognizable in their beige trousers and navy polos, face an uncertain future as their roles could be diminished by digital eyes.

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From Clay to Cameras: The Tech Takeover

The shift towards technology in tennis has been gradual but decisive. Initiated at the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan back in 2017, the adoption of Hawk-Eye Live technology has accelerated. This system utilizes 18 high-definition cameras to monitor the lines continuously, promising up to 99% accuracy in calls. Unlike human judges, who can tire or err, this AI system provides a reliable and unbiased judgment of line calls, even at speeds reaching 240 km/h.

The Cultural Impact of Change

At Roland-Garros, this potential transition stirs mixed emotions. Aymeric Labaste, the Director of International Development at Roland-Garros, notes the deep connection to the game’s heritage and the initial discomfort with replacing human elements with unemotional technology. For many, the charm of the game includes the human touch—something that cold technology cannot replicate.

The Argument for AI in Tennis

Despite the nostalgic allure of traditional judging, the argument for AI is strong. It promises enhanced accuracy and consistency, which are crucial in a sport where games can hinge on a single call. Novak Djokovic and other top players have expressed support for technology over human judges, citing the reduced margin for error as a significant advantage for the fairness of the game.

The Future of French Line Judges

The role of line judges at Roland-Garros extends beyond calling lines; it serves as a stepping stone to becoming chair umpires. The potential phasing out of these positions could disrupt this traditional pathway. While no official decision has been made yet at Roland-Garros, discussions are ongoing among Grand Slam tournaments to standardize rules, including the use of AI judging systems.

AI Versus Tradition: What Lies Ahead?

As the tennis world evolves, so too may the French Open. The integration of AI could lead to a more uniform application of rules across tournaments, benefiting the sport globally. However, the sentimental value of human judges and the unique atmosphere they contribute to Roland-Garros cannot be overlooked. As we advance, the challenge will be balancing innovation with tradition, ensuring that technology enhances the sport without stripping away its soul.

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This article explores the ongoing debate at the French Open about replacing human line judges with artificial intelligence. As the tournament closes, discussions about the future of tennis officiating continue, highlighting the tension between technological progress and traditional values.

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