From misfire to triumph: Makenson Gletty overcomes sound failure to smash record at European Athletics Championships


At the European Athletics Championships in Rome, French decathlete Makenson Gletty faced an unexpected challenge that turned into a remarkable victory.

After an initial setback due to a sound system failure, Gletty not only re-ran his race but also set a new personal best, demonstrating resilience and determination.

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The starting signal snafu

On the second day of the decathlon, during the 110 meters hurdles, Gletty was poised to continue his strong performance from the first day. However, positioned in lane nine, he failed to hear the starter’s gun—a crucial misstep in any track event. The small speaker behind him, meant to ensure all athletes can hear the start clearly, did not function, leaving him to start almost half a second late.

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Initial disappointment

Gletty crossed the finish line with a time of 15.30 seconds, visibly frustrated, believing there had been a false start. This time was significantly slower than his personal best of 13.94 seconds, set in the spring of 2023. The initial confusion and his subpar time could have derailed his ambitions for a high finish in the overall decathlon standings.

A second chance

After explaining the situation to the officials and demonstrating that the malfunction had impeded his performance, Gletty’s appeal was accepted. He was granted the rare opportunity to run the race again, alone. This unusual scenario allowed him a clear field and no distractions in his pursuit of a better time.

Record-breaking redemption

In his solo rerun, Gletty seized the moment to not only correct his earlier misfortune but to excel beyond expectations. He completed the race in 13.88 seconds, setting a new personal record and significantly improving his score with 990 points from the event—propelling him from a compromised position to the leader of the pack.

The leader emerges

This turn of events highlighted Gletty’s capability and mental strength, qualities essential for any top athlete, especially in the multi-event challenge of the decathlon. His ability to overcome initial disappointment and capitalize on a second opportunity exemplifies the spirit of athletics at its finest.

The unpredictability of sports and the perseverance of athletes

Makenson Gletty’s experience at the European Athletics Championships was a testament to the unpredictability of sports and the perseverance of athletes. Overcoming a technical hiccup that could have cost him dearly, he not only regained his footing but moved ahead to dominate the competition, rewriting his story from potential disappointment to triumphant victory.

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This article delves into the dramatic turn of events for French decathlete Makenson Gletty at the European Athletics Championships, where a technical failure led to an initial disqualification, followed by a second-run triumph that saw him break his personal record and take the lead in the decathlon.

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