Kyrie Irving’s legendary closeout game record: How the mavericks star dominates when It matters most


Kyrie Irving has long been hailed as one of basketball’s most clutch performers.

With an impressive track record in critical games, Irving’s ability to shine when the stakes are highest is unmatched. The Mavericks guard has clinched victory in 14 of his 15 closeout games, solidifying his reputation as a playoff hero.

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Kyrie’s unmatched playoff prowess

Irving’s playoff career is decorated with significant accomplishments, from All-Star appearances to an NBA championship. However, his record in closeout games stands out as particularly remarkable. With a 93.3% winning percentage in these high-stakes matches, Irving is in elite company, surpassing many of his peers.

The statistics behind the success

Irving’s dominance in closeout games is reflected in his stats. Averaging 22.7 points, 4.5 assists, and 3.7 rebounds per game in these scenarios, his performance is consistently stellar. This aligns closely with his overall playoff averages, showcasing his reliability in crucial moments.

Player Winning % Record
Kyrie Irving 93.3 14-1
Jordan Farmar 90.9 10-1
Tristan Thompson 88.2 15-2
JR Smith 85.7 18-3
Iman Shumpert 84.6 11-2
Shawn Marion 84.6 11-2
Shandon Anderson 84.6 11-2
Norris Cole 81.8 9-2
Marcin Gortat 81.8 9-2
Will Perdue 81.0 17-4

Memorable closeout moments

Several games highlight Irving’s closeout game heroics:

  • Cavaliers vs. Pistons (2016): Irving scored 31 points to help the Cavaliers secure a narrow victory, showcasing his scoring prowess.
  • Cavaliers vs. Raptors (2016): A dominant 30-point performance propelled the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals.
  • Cavaliers vs. Warriors (2016): Irving’s iconic step-back three over Stephen Curry sealed Cleveland’s championship, marking a historic moment.
  • Nets vs. Celtics (2021): Irving’s 25 points in a blowout win underscored his ability to deliver in crucial playoff games.
  • Mavericks vs. Clippers (2024): A 30-point, six-rebound game led the Mavericks to victory, proving Irving’s continued excellence in decisive matches.

The end of a winning streak

Irving’s near-perfect record faced a blemish during the Western Conference Finals against the Timberwolves. Despite a strong performance throughout the playoffs, Irving struggled in Game 4, resulting in a 105-100 loss for the Mavericks. This marked his first defeat in a closeout game, ending a remarkable run.

Kyrie’s future in the playoffs

As the Mavericks regroup and prepare for another shot at the Finals, Irving’s leadership and clutch performance will be crucial. His ability to rise to the occasion in high-pressure games remains a key asset for Dallas as they aim to secure their third-ever Finals appearance.

This article explores Kyrie Irving’s impressive record in closeout games, detailing his standout performances, statistical dominance, and the impact of his playoff heroics on his teams’ successes. It also examines the significance of his recent loss and looks ahead to his future contributions.

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