Former Olympic pole vault champion suspended for doping, missing Paris 2024


Thiago Braz, the Olympic pole vault champion from Rio 2016 and bronze medalist from Tokyo 2021, has been handed a 16-month suspension due to a positive doping test.

This ban prevents him from competing in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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Thiago Braz’s Olympic journey

Thiago Braz achieved fame by winning gold in pole vault at the 2016 Rio Olympics and a bronze at the Tokyo 2021 Games. However, his career faced a major setback following a positive doping test last summer.

Positive test and suspension details

Braz tested positive for ostarine, a substance used to increase muscle mass, during the Stockholm meeting on July 2. Following a provisional suspension since July 28, Braz received a 16-month ban from the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU). This decision prevents him from participating in the Paris 2024 Olympics, with eligibility to compete resuming only after November 27.

Appeal against the suspension

Braz has decided to appeal the suspension to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, hoping for a reduced penalty. The AIU, meanwhile, is considering an appeal for a longer suspension, having originally requested a four-year ban. The AIU tribunal recognized that Braz followed his medical team’s advice, which contributed to the reduced suspension period.

Impact on the athletic community

This development has stirred significant reactions within the athletic community. Many are discussing the broader implications of doping controls and the rigorous standards athletes must adhere to in order to maintain fair competition.

Future prospects for Thiago Braz

As Braz fights to overturn his suspension, the outcome will have significant implications for his career and reputation. His case highlights the ongoing challenges athletes face with doping regulations and the severe consequences of violations.

This article explores the suspension of Olympic pole vault champion Thiago Braz due to a doping violation, detailing the implications for his career and the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics. It discusses the appeal process and broader impacts on the athletic community.

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