Ángel Di María to join Lionel Messi in Miami? The latest transfer buzz


Rumors are swirling about Ángel Di María potentially reuniting with Lionel Messi at Inter Miami.

Following in the footsteps of former teammates Luis Suárez, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba, Di María might be the next star to join the MLS club. At 36, and with his contract at Benfica ending, the Argentine winger is considering his next move after a successful season in Portugal.

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A star-studded reunion in Miami

Inter Miami, already bolstered by Messi’s presence, is rapidly becoming a hub for former Barcelona stars. Adding Di María to the roster would further strengthen the team’s lineup, creating a formidable squad with years of experience and chemistry from their time at Camp Nou.

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Di María’s impressive season at Benfica

Di María’s stint at Benfica saw him contribute 9 goals and 11 assists in 28 league matches, showcasing that he still has plenty to offer on the field. Despite his strong performance, it appears his future lies away from Europe, with a move to the MLS or a return to his roots in Rosario being likely options.

ESPN Argentina’s revelation

The news of Di María’s potential move was first reported by ESPN Argentina. While the exact timeline remains uncertain, speculation suggests he could make the switch following the Copa América this summer. Whether he heads to Miami directly or takes a brief detour to Rosario, his presence in the MLS would be a significant boost for the league.

The rosario connection

There’s a sentimental aspect to consider: Di María’s connection to Rosario, his birthplace, and where his professional journey began. A short stint at Rosario Central before heading to Miami could be a fitting tribute to his roots. This decision hinges on various factors, including personal and professional considerations.

The growing Miami project

Inter Miami’s strategy of attracting high-profile veterans is paying off. The prospect of seeing Messi and Di María together again is tantalizing for fans. This approach not only elevates the team’s competitive edge but also boosts the MLS’s global appeal.

What’s next for Di María?

As the summer transfer window approaches, all eyes will be on Di María’s decision. Whether he reunites with Messi in Miami or takes a nostalgic return to Rosario, his next move will undoubtedly be a significant chapter in his illustrious career.

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This article explores the potential transfer of Ángel Di María to Inter Miami, highlighting his successful season at Benfica, the appeal of reuniting with former teammates, and the sentimental value of a return to Rosario. It delves into the strategic moves of Inter Miami and the implications for Di María’s career.

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