Stefanos Tsitsipas struggles against unstoppable Carlos Alcaraz


Stefanos Tsitsipas faced yet another setback against Carlos Alcaraz, who effortlessly defeated him in the quarterfinals at Roland-Garros.

Despite Tsitsipas’ best efforts, Alcaraz proved too powerful and strategic, leaving the Greek star searching for answers and solutions.

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Tsitsipas faces an imposing challenge

In a much-anticipated match on Philippe-Chatrier, Tsitsipas was overwhelmed by Alcaraz, who didn’t even need to exert his full potential to secure a win. The final score of 6-3, 7-6, 6-4 doesn’t quite capture the ease with which Alcaraz controlled the game. Tsitsipas, struggling to find any openings, seemed almost helpless against his opponent.

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Searching for solutions

Tsitsipas has now faced Alcaraz six times without success. Reflecting on the match, he expressed his admiration for Alcaraz’s abilities, comparing him to Novak Djokovic in terms of strategic play. “He controls the ball so well and can change direction effortlessly,” Tsitsipas said. Despite his best shots, Alcaraz always had better responses, leaving Tsitsipas frustrated and acknowledging his limits.

Alcaraz’s dominance continues

The calm demeanor of Tsitsipas in the post-match conference was telling. He knows he has a lot of work ahead if he hopes to break his losing streak against Alcaraz. He pointed out the exceptional quality of Alcaraz’s shots, which are long, deep, and heavily spun, making it difficult for Tsitsipas to counter effectively. “He surpasses me in power but does so intelligently,” Tsitsipas admitted.

Tsitsipas’ confidence shattered

Tsitsipas entered the match with high hopes, especially after a strong performance against Matteo Arnaldi. He felt more confident than usual, believing he could bring something new to the table against Alcaraz. However, the young Spanish sensation proved to be an insurmountable obstacle. “This kid is just too strong,” Tsitsipas lamented.

Seeking a breakthrough

Leaving Paris, Tsitsipas is left with many questions about how to overcome the Alcaraz puzzle. He knows he must overcome a significant mental barrier. “It felt like there was a voodoo doll on the court today,” he said, illustrating the psychological challenge he faces against Alcaraz.

The road ahead for Tsitsipas

The loss is a bitter pill for Tsitsipas, who envisioned a deep run at Roland-Garros. He remains determined to break his losing streak against Alcaraz and is already looking ahead to future opportunities. “I just need to get past this mental block,” he concluded, hoping for a breakthrough in their next encounter.

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This article explores Stefanos Tsitsipas’ ongoing struggle against Carlos Alcaraz, highlighting the Greek player’s difficulties in their recent quarterfinal match at Roland-Garros. Despite his efforts and confidence, Tsitsipas was unable to match Alcaraz’s powerful and strategic play, leading to a straightforward victory for the Spaniard. Tsitsipas’ search for answers and determination to overcome this challenge will be crucial as he looks ahead to future matches.

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