Chaos on the course: Dauphiné stage 5 ends in turmoil after massive crash


The incident caused a great deal of concern during the 5th round of the Critérium du Dauphiné.

The fifth stage of the Critérium du Dauphiné, slated to be a competitive ride from Amplepuis to Saint-Priest, ended abruptly with no winner as organizers were forced to neutralize the race due to a severe crash.

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The devastating incident on the Critérium du Daphiné

The peaceful rhythm of the race was shattered 21 kilometers from the finish line when a massive pile-up occurred on a slippery downhill stretch. The crash, described by French cyclist Romain Combaud as “carnage,” involved several top contenders and disrupted the general classification significantly. This unsettling event led to the immediate neutralization of the stage, with officials prioritizing rider safety over competition.

Impact on the leaders

Among those affected were general classification leaders, Remco Evenepoel and Primoz Roglic. Evenepoel, donning the yellow jersey, suffered a clavicle injury but managed to continue after the incident. Roglic also found himself caught in the chaos but escaped with less severe injuries. Both riders’ resilience was tested as they navigated the aftermath of the crash, maintaining their positions in the overall standings despite the day’s challenges.

Casualties and consequences

The crash left a more lasting impact on other riders, notably Dutch teammates Dylan van Baarle and Steven Kruijswijk of Visma-Lease a bike, both of whom sustained clavicle injuries and were transported to the hospital. Their injuries are severe enough that participation in the upcoming Tour de France is in jeopardy. Additionally, Spanish rider Juan Ayuso experienced significant trauma, requiring assistance from his teammate Tim Wellens to recover from the fall.

The race’s response

Following the crash, the race atmosphere was tense, with calls to neutralize the stage growing louder among the competitors. Combaud, himself a victim of a dramatic crash that sent him into a ditch, voiced a strong opinion on prioritizing life and safety over the race, reflecting a sentiment echoed by many of his peers. The organizers eventually decided to let the peloton finish the stage at a controlled pace, with no official winner declared for the day.

Looking ahead

Despite the upheaval, Remco Evenepoel will continue as the leader of the general classification. However, the physical and psychological effects of the crash on all riders remain a concern, with three mountain stages looming on the horizon. The resilience and recovery of the affected riders will be critical as they prepare for the challenging days ahead.

This article explores the dramatic events of the Critérium du Dauphiné’s fifth stage, where a severe crash resulted in the race being neutralized with no winner. Key contenders like Remco Evenepoel and Primoz Roglic were caught in the incident but managed to continue, while others, such as Dylan van Baarle and Steven Kruijswijk, faced serious injuries that might affect their future racing plans. The decision to neutralize the stage highlighted the organizers’ focus on safety and the unpredictable nature of road cycling.

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